• Important Telephone Numbers
  • Main T. 610.740.9500
  • Scheduling T. 610.740.9500 (Option 3)F. 610.740.0288
  • Clinical Questions T. 610.740.9500 (Option 6)F. 610.740.0288
  • Billing T. 610.740.0400F. 610.437.6263
  • Physician Liaison T. 610.740.9733

Schedule an MRI Exam

If you are scheduling an appointment for the patient, we require the following to ensure the proper study is performed:

  1. Appointment Questionnaire(PDF)
  2. Written order

If we do not have a written order by the time of the appointment, we will call to obtain a confirmation of the study prior to initiating patient care.

Schedule by Phone

Appointments may be scheduled at any of our locations by calling 610.740.9500 (Option 3). Scheduling hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 11:00pm.

Schedule by Fax

You may also have one of our Scheduling Representatives schedule the appointment for you by simply faxing a completed Appointment Questionnaire (PDF) to 610.740.0288.