State of the Art Technology

State of the Art MRI Machines at Lehigh Magnetic Imaging Center

As the largest MRI center in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we provide the very latest in imaging technology and the most advanced equipment in the region. This allows us to accurately diagnose an array of clinical conditions and help guide your treatment.

MRI machines are commonly known as "magnets." We offer three types to tailor our studies to your unique needs:

1.5T High Field MRI Magnet

High Field Magnets

All of our magnets are high field and have a field strength (a measure of the intensity of a magnetic field) of 1.5T (tesla) or greater. This level of scanning is appropriate for all MRI exams.

3.0T MRI Magnet

3.0T Magnet

Our 3.0T magnet is the most powerful magnet available for clinical studies. Providing an even higher level of resolution, this magnet is typically used for neurological studies and imaging small structures.

High Field Open Magnet

High Field Open Magnets

Our open, ultra short-bore magnets provide more elbow, head, and legroom for larger or claustrophobic patients. These open magnets are available at both the Allentown and Bethlehem locations.