• Important Telephone Numbers
  • Main T. 610.740.9500
  • Scheduling T. 610.740.9500 (Option 3)F. 610.740.0288
  • Clinical Questions T. 610.740.9500 (Option 6)F. 610.740.0288
  • Billing T. 610.740.0400F. 610.437.6263
  • Physician Liaison T. 610.740.9733

Treating Patients with Special Conditions

Treating Patients with Special Conditions at Lehigh Magnetic Imaging Center

Patients with Diabetes or Kidney Disease

Patients who are diabetic or have severe kidney disease and who will have a study with contrast must be tested for serum creatinine prior to their study. Testing must be performed within 45 days of the MRI. Please order the test and fax the results to 610.740.0288. We will call the patient to schedule after reviewing the test results.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI and breast biopsies are provided in coordination with Breast Health Services (BHS) of Lehigh Valley Health Network. Appointments are scheduled by BHS at 610.402.2791. Lehigh Magnetic Imaging Center will call patients to obtain clinical information and confirm appointments.

Immediate ("Stat") Orders

For "stat" orders, please call 610.740.9500 (Option 3) and fax an order to 610.740.0288. We require a telephone or beeper number where the ordering physician can be reached to report results. Patients having a "stat" study are required to remain at Lehigh Magnetic Imaging Center until the study is interpreted and the ordering physician provides instructions.